Flirting with freeganism–and failing.

It all started because of If you don’t know about, let me elaborate.

It’s freaking awesome. It tracks your spending and makes budgeting awesome. It does this by providing a read only view of your accounts and categorizes your transactions. It also provides metrics to track trends. It is my obsession despite the fact that I frequently go over budget in certain monthly categories, like Faberge eggs. My love for the service probably has something to do with my need to control everything I can as well as my penchant for planning and charts. The husband hates it.

Damn you, tawdry sirien!

Anyway, I began downloading spreadsheets regarding my utility costs and calculating averages and variances and decided that it was time to develop a plan. The husband and I had a plan previously to reduce the heat bill. It was called “it’s free to put on a coat”, but thanks to, I now realize that strategy was perhaps ineffective.

I needed to figure out different austerity measures, especially since operation mittens-in-the-house isn’t appropriate this time of year. I turned my attention to the water bill. I knew this could be a hard sell to the husband considering anytime I start breakin’ it down style, he gives me a resistant eye roll. 

"You want me to do what?"

My primary strategy, I decided, was to not let the water run the entire duration of a shower. Instead I would do the ol’ in and out–Water. Loofah. Water. That is actually harder than it sounds. Its deceptively easy to be lured in to an extra minute or seven of cascading warmth instead of standing there shivering as you loofah your elbow. Husband accepted that attempt at frugality.

My next strategy was inspired by an idea I got from a woman who was a freegan. Now I get that most people would not be inspired by people who eat the ‘less moldy’ stuff from the trash, but the lifestyle appeals to my total aversion to waste as well as my passing interest adhering to an ideology. Freegans are essentially nightmare fuel for the people who use the term ‘dirty hippie’ without irony.


The she-freegan detailed how she keeps a bucket in the shower to collect the water and then uses said contents of the bucket to flush the toilet. I think she had gotten the idea from spending time somewhere in Africa. I was immediately down.

Husband did not feel similarly. He refusal is absolute and furthermore he’s concerned I might be a crazy person. I told him that we should be preparing for World War III over water shortages, but he was not persuaded.

Alas, I’ve stepped down on this one. Husband 1, me 0.

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2 thoughts on “Flirting with freeganism–and failing.

  1. Glynnis

    When you’re married to Clark Kent, it’s common that you’re going to lose battles. You should’ve chosen a different picture, maybe? Would that have helped? Also–I feel entirely grossed out by that idea. I’m on your husbands side. Why don’t you just use the old “if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down” adage…

    There have got to be better ways than what you just proposed!

    • Thanks for the suggestion, however I question if stagnant pee is less crazy then re-using shower water. Better yet, we could go the Howard Hughes bottled pee route and cut out the water-wasting middle man!

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