Circus Nursery (no clowns allowed, well, maybe one.)

So this pregnancy journey is coming to an end, which I can hardly believe. The last month of pregnancy is a character-building exercise, one which I have not weathered the most gracefully at times. I’m told once I have her these last few weeks of discomfort, constant bathroom trips, and waddle-y gait will all be a distant memory–reason number 324 why I’m excited for her arrival!

So, before I become too busy ensuring that another living person’s every primal need is attended to, I thought I’d better post pictures of my nursery, which I am very pleased with. Anyone who knows me well knows I love a theme. I can’t have a party without a theme, such as my ‘Blue Ribbon BBQ’ I hosted last year. I’m sure no one remembers the decorations and details I relished over, but a girl’s gotta do something to occupy her time. Anyway, the great thing about nurseries is that you can obnoxiously pick a theme and run wild with it–which is my specialty. Also, anyone who knows me knows I love fairs, freak shows, animal decor, and red, white, and blue. What combines all of those?? THE CIRCUS!!!!

I got to work on Pinterest, carefully crafting how I was going to execute this theme. You can check that out here. People were great helping me execute my vision. My sister in law, Steph, let me use her crib and changing table, my mom offered to make the bedding and accent pieces and my mother and father in law started work on a furniture piece. My sister gave me a PERFECT antique elephant toy for the room. My friend Hannah Mae brought some great handmade accent pieces and helped me actually begin nesting when she visited. My friend Anna let me hold on to her childhood music box (the one clown allowed) which I remembered fondly from our childhoods, and our friends Paul and Lisa gave us a beautiful “Isn’t She Lovely” lyric poster. I am so grateful for everyone’s excitement and thoughtfulness in helping me prepare!! (Of course the room is full of the essentials because of everyone else’s generosity who attended my showers, so a huge thank you to them too!)

So, without much further ado, I bring you pics of the circus nursery! Please excuse my amateurish iPhone photos and blatant abuse of filters.


Bedding made by Grandma Cheryl, dresser made by Grandma Cathy and Grandpa Bill, canopy from World Market


Crib courtesy of Aunt Stephanie


Music box courtesy of Auntie Anna, books courtesy of Auntie Hannah Mae


Antique elephant toy courtesy of Aunt Livia


Handmade night light


Print from Uncle and Auntie Paul and Lisa, from Etsy


Ferris wheel night light from


Banner and blanket made by Grandma Cheryl, basket piece from Sal Val, changing table courtesy of Aunt Stephanie, rocker from my childhood


The final product!

In case you are wondering about what is in the little pictures, they are artwork from the Etsy shop The Black Apple. They are part of her series, Lost in the Midway. Here they are up close, as my iPhone takes TERRIBLE pictures of pictures in frames.

Lost in the Midway

What’s that? Circus freaks in a nursery are weird?
Sounds like you’re dealing with your own issues. Jokes.


Wow this room contains a lot of love from a lot of people! A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to my vision and helped me get ready, emotionally and materially!! Now this room needs a baby…

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An open love letter to my friends

So I’m going to get a little sentimental on this post, but I haven’t felt like posting for awhile so I think this is a good way to start back up. This week has been a great week for catching up with old friends I miss dearly and it’s got me thinking.

I want to say first of all thank you to all my friends and tell you how lucky I am to have you. You guys listen to me, hang out with me, come visit me, and put up with me. Shucks, you even post on my Facebook wall. As a pathological extrovert, you literally keep me going. I hope that I can be as essential in your life as you are in mine. I’ve maintained for quite awhile now that everyone should just live in gypsy caravans we can all just travel around together. Trust me, everyone would benefit.

Hey, it's you and me!

Lately I’ve been working on being grateful since my problems are miniscule compared to, for example, the refugees I worked with last year, or people who are in ill health, or any other assortment of serious issues people actually have. Lately I have lamented that me and the hubby have not ever really taken a long vacation together and as we attempt to build a fledgling household, sometimes a vacation seems impossibly costly or an impractical use of money (you can thank my father for that sentiment.) As our summer schedule has begun to fill up, I realize that although I do want to try to squeeze in a vacation, I should focus more on the fact that we will have so many visitors coming, and I am so excited and grateful. I realized all it takes to go on vacation is money, but visitors come because of friendship.

(That being said, I’m also not laboring under any illusions that people aren’t also coming to see Atlanta!)

Thank you to my friends near and far. Despite any actual distance, I keep you close to my heart.

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